This orgone will be cleansed in the full moon & include intentions. I will also provide more information on the stone that’s not included under the listing. 

3” x 3” 

Multi-tourmaline counteracts negative energies and helps to get rid of fear and grief. They also enable you to concentrate and communicate in an effective way. A tourmaline acts like a detoxifying agent.These crystals promote relaxation of the body and the mind. They help stabilize the mind, improve your understanding, boost your self-confidence and increase your psychic energies to a great extent.Some tourmalines also display pyroelectricity, which is produced when the crystal is heated rendering a positive charge at one end of the crystal and a negative charge at the other.People generally know these precious stones by the specific colors or color combinations they exhibit, such as rubellite tourmaline for pink to red shades. Blue tourmalines are called indicolite and tourmalines showing concentric color zoning with pink-red cores surrounded by green are known as watermelon tourmaline.


Multi-tourmaline Orgonite

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