Pink Flame Aura & Rose Quartz Orgonite.

2 1/2” x 2 1/2”

While very soothing and healing to the spirit, Rose Quartz is a powerful harmonizer of the body’s subtle energies and its myriad properties work to get us back in touch with love by helping us to remove the emotional wounds and beliefs that keep us separated from it. 

Metaphysical experts suggest to place Rose Quartz in every room of your house to invite in the graceful energy of the heart chakra. The same way that keeping a neat home creates a sense of calm; Rose Quartz chunks sprinkled throughout your house infuses a deep healing and rejuvenating energy and inspires those who dwell there to always move from a space of love and compassion. And no, you can’t possibly “over do it” with Rose Quartz because the specific frequency of energy that this stone emanates is rooted deep in the heart of each of us. Though this stone is typically used on yourself rather than others to invoke a deep connection to and feeling of love, it is selfless in its expression. 

Like a seed—if it does not properly ground in the soil and receive adequate nourishment and care in order to plant roots, it will never bloom into the inspirational beauty of a flower, plant or tree that it is destined to become. Our hearts work the same way, we must turn our attention inward, with the inspiration and guidance of our intuition and deep connection to Mother Earth, to ultimately reawaken and let the self-love within us then flow out.


Pink Flame Aura & Rose Quartz Orgonite



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