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About me

My name is Jess Abella, I'm the owner of Abella Art & Design. I’m a 31 year old artist who graduated from Montserrat College Of Art with my BFA in photography.

I took a class in college that changed my direction in life, which was originally photography. I remember taking screen printing, my senior year to be exact. My favorite part was mixing the different paints together and seeing how they merged naturally. I should have know from taking that class that my true passion was working with color. I started to bring it into my photography, focusing on photographing ink in oil or paint in milk. I was so intrigued by the movement. During my years at Montserrat I took several painting classes. They helped me understand complimentary colors and composition, thats when I really fell in love with painting. While I do enjoy photography I realized it was abstract photography that drove my passion. Everything that lead up to the shot, being able to manipulate the color, I was hooked. This is when I started to experiment with resin. Epoxy brought new ideas to my work. I like to think about the science behind resin how paint can affect the velocity. How you can use different materials to get multiple results within one painting. It’s fascinating I’ve learned so much on how to create texture, play with color, & just work with the natural flow. 

I love teaching others what I’ve learned during my journey with resin. I hope to bring classes to my site in the future so I can further share my knowledge with those who want to learn. For now I have a YouTube channel that’s shares some of my process. I give tips on how you can manipulate the epoxy to work for certain projects. I also talk about what not to do so you can avoid mishaps that I've come across along the way. You can find videos on geode inspired work, ocean art, freeform resin and fruit work. These are all self taught methods I learned along the way. Subscribe and you can get notifications on when I upload a new video. Let's stay connected!

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